~SOS~ History
*SOS*..... Shoot on Sight.....

*SOS* can trace it's origins back to the bad old days
of the original Delta Force.
The Squad has since developed and grown throughout Delta Force 2, Land Warrior,Delta Force Black Hawk Down, BF2, Combat Arms, MOH, COD, Bad Company 2, LFD2, and BF2142.
*SoS* was formed by a band of like-minded warriors; who had wandered the Delta Force wilderness searching for their spiritual home, continually disillusioned by the constant bickering and in-fighting that often goes hand in hand with most squads, drawn together by the ideal of integrity, fair play, and the enjoyment of the battle, *SOS* was formed.
*SoS* zealously guards it's reputation and challenges those who would strive to dishonor that very ideal which bonds our squad together and holds it above all others on and off the battlefield.
"Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first and the lesson afterwards" *SOS* is the test and we will give the lesson



Some history from shelt...Shelt | 30 Dec : 12:42

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I originally bought my first computer in '97...it was a screamer at 200mHz, and cost me approx $2,000 with a printer...jeez.
I was an AOL member (ackkk) and found the on-line gaming site AOL provided, they had a free account for, I believe it was, Air Warrior...a great game, could log on with thousands of people playing, mostly flights, but you could use some ground weapons to shoot down planes...and up to 7 players in bombers.
Then the game went pay per month, so so much for that.
I then started flying a game called Fighters Anthology. Joined a squad there called "Shadow Demons", and hence met Hummer, Iceman, Megohm, Leadturn, Cirrus, etc. Some of you knew them also in DF2 and above. Hummer is the one who actually insisted I get DF1, and it was a hard sell...lol.
Finally broke down and bought the game, and was hooked. Talk about an adeniline rrush!

Moved to DF2 when it came out, played for awhile. One game there was a bunch of no-talent thugs who seemed to need a hand, especially on search and destroy maps. Hacked into their Roger Wilco channel (I think Diatum hosted most RW channels, as he was one of the few with cable at the time).

Asked to join the squad and they all went into a seperate channel, asked if I was a member of another squad (wore the SD tags at the time) and told them I was in a flight squad, but not DF, so they said ok...

One of the things I brought to the squad was communication...by setting up our own dedicated RW channel (I knew Tone, who created RW, by helping him with some troubleshooting of issues. RW ran a server, and you could make a dedicated channel, a trick very few knew of, so it was always available to the squad.
I also set up a Yahoo groups account for SOS, wonder if it is still there? Yep here is the link Yahoo Site

From there we moved to an ezboard forum for communication, Lilc began website developement (which BS provided) and THOG completed. That site lived for a few years until we migrated to the new php format you see today.

That is my story, sorry not to personal in memories of matches and stuff, but like I said, my main role in the squad has been communications among the squad, which without, you would have no squad today!

Re: Some history from shelt...sunshine | 30 Dec : 18:51

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i remember a time when my brother lived with me and my ex-wife in 1999. he bought a new computer and df2. after playing one day, his name was grasshopper *SOS*, he was hooked. i remember always making fun of him. as soon as he would get home, he would play non-stop for 6 hours. this continued for several months.

he would always tell me to play the game because i would love it. one day, i got tired of listening to him beg, and i finally broke down and played. the rest is history. i remember going to bed that night, but i never slept. all i could do is think of strategy and how to beat the other players.

i joined SOS shortly after my brother did, and started playing with the old crew.

i look back on those times and laugh. we never practiced, didnt have a strategy for the most part. all we new is we had two people or so sorta watching the base, while they raped if they could, two people just rapping, and three or so attacking.

over the years we have definitelly changed that tone, and keep our skills in check and work well as a team. i feel there are squads out there that have better shooters than us, but nobody has better communications. and that my friends is why we are the best. our teamwork, dedication, and communications, along with our killer defense and awesome attackers keeps us at the top of every tournament. that plus sgt. bob and his irish accent keeps us jolly.

Sgt.Bob*SoS* | 31 Dec : 14:48

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lol....amen to Sunny & Shelt....comms in the very very loosest of terms my friend....;-)

For my part and it is a very humble part ('cos i never like to boast bout us Irish blokes havin the biggest dicks)....i started playin the DF series when DF1 came out (it was the first PC game i ever bought)and bimbled around some of the online servers getting my ass handed to me on a regular basis....when DF2 finally came out i jumped on that bandwagon and again wandered into the online side of the game, playin on a dial-up then ISDN (which i had to remortgage the house for), 'cos of the time difference i used to stay up into the wee small hours sometimes being on shifts allowed me to be on until 4/5 am and at such a time i happened upon Diatum who on finding out i was from Ireland invited me onto his RW channel to shoot the shit and somehow into this squad run by some 13 yr old Patton wannabe....and as they say the rest is history....a couple of weeks later after becoming very fecked off with the said 13 yr old Diatum told me about an idea he had for forming a squad called *SoS*, he had tentativley spoken to Myself, Scuba(there's a blast from the past), DM, Shelt, Sunny,Oops I and a few others bout getting everything together and again it's all history after that moment ....'cos late, very late one fine irish morning probably around 5am *SoS* was formed and to be honest i have never looked back....things have changed and players have come and gone but the theme has always remained constant....playing the games and having fun whilst also kickin a little ass along the way....i am definitely proud to say i was one of the founding members in *SoS* and hopefully we will all stay in touch for a long time to come....long live *SoS* and DF2....;-)

Patriot | 06 Jan : 13:51

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A-men bobby

Ahh the memories.... I remember I bought the game in 2000 and played the single version of DF2. It was cool and I moved like a turtle, thought I could one shot one kill anyone with that m4 and a scope...BAH. Then one day I wondered what the "multi-player" tab was. I clicked it and it was a whole new world. I had no idea what TDM, CTF, S/D or any of that crap was. So I jumped into a S/D server, I and saw this crazy action everywhere.. I was like WTF, this isnt like single player...lol

I saw peeps poppin nades, bunny hoppin , prone jumpin, and utter kaos. I didnt know what cheating was so i wouldnt call it out. Hell I didnt even know how to use "T or Y" Then after about 6 months of playing (only in pub servers) A dude named DM would pop in and we got to know each other. I would out maneuver his old ass.. but he would out shoot me. Asked if I would jump on RogerWilco...lol and i was wtf is that...hehe anyways we played alittle together and after a year of him hounding me to join *SoS* I finally came over.

It's the BEST DAMN squad i've ever been on, squads come and go but this one will never go away. I left once for better match action but came back home. BTW I started out on my wifes old PII 333 Mhz on a 15" monitor. After my competitiveness kicked in I asked my bro-in law to help me build a pc. He was no overclocker but knew the good parts. Then after meeting Hops, he said "Let's OC that rig" I was like wtf is that...lol Then its been all over since then....
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History from Hawk....Hawk | 11 Jan : 22:37
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Returned from overseas in 1999 to Ft. Campbell, Ky. Had had DF1 and DF2 in single modes from the day they originated, but connections in S. America sucked. So I started playing in a A/D map. There were like 5 guys that worked as a team called SOS that I kept sniping off. They were getting pissed off at me.

Then one day, myself and 6guns were sniping from a hill and combined for 123 kills as snipers. SOS started talking to us about joining their squad. I believe it was Diatum that actually extended the olive branch. I took it, letting them know that I disappear from time to time.

Shelt got me to go buy a microphone and start talking via RW. The game took on a new look, and because that microphone was a piece of shit, everyone thought I was a 90 year old smoker. Because of my ability to be the biggest ASS in the squad, I promoted myself to Command Sergeant Major.

We progressed through the days of LW, TFD, and such. Members came, some left, some were removed, many waited for me give them the nod to wear our tags...but all played hard and had fun.

Today we continue that same mission Diatum started with: HAVE FUN. That is our number one goal. We do, though statements are often heard like "Fuck this, I'm gone!" "Fucking hackers, I quit!" and such.

We are a band of men who have common interests, mostly in alcohol and guns. To enjoy time where our wives are yelling one ear and killing in the other!

T.H.O.G. ~SOS~Thog SOS | 17 Jan : 14:48
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I officially joined SOS April 16, 2001..... I had recieved a copy of DF2 from a friend of mine and was instantly hooked. I played in the public servers.. mainly ET and saw that squads were mainly the ones that tore it up soooooooo I started looking for one to join. I started sniping, I mean, talking to Shelt, Hawk, and Sgt. Bob and soon after was part of the squad. Had a hell of alot of fun during the DF2 days, before the trainer fags took over the delta force scene! Mainly I wanted into SOS because it wasn't headed by some pimply faced teen with a god complex, we had a council of elder players that decided all things for the squad and that was my main attraction to you guys, eventually I also earned my place on the council.
As the squad progressed we needed a new home so I with some assistance from Lil'C created the first SOS Site that included the illustrious ASSHOLE squad headed up by our beloved Hawkeye The overly empathetic SUNSHINE Squad where sunny liked to live out his happy happy joy joy days fun times. Those were the days that I developed my WEB Design skills and my first attemts at Flash although that may have been a mistake if you ask some of the guys who always yelled at me about my flash sig with sound ..... LMAO all because of my involvment with you Band of Internet Brothers.
We became a respected and feared squad during those times and it has carried our name into current times as a timeless squad known for our friendships with eachother as well as our skills on the field. Which makes me proud to be a part of this squad as much today as I was in the beginning. Thanks for all the fun in the past and for whats to come!!!! Long Live SOS !!!

Blackstone | 16 May : 11:17

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I came along to SOS from SD (Shadow Demons)as well. Nightstalker was part of SD and got me to come fly with them a few nights until I joined, and just like shelt, we moved right along into SOS squad! I soon found that I enjoyed DF much more than falcon 4.0 or any other flight sim. I guess I am most well known in the squad as one of or techno geeks, and for hosting our website and email. I was very pleased the day I got us to move away from yahoo and to our own real site, especially after they made their groups so very ad-laden it became stupid. I may also add that DFLW was my favorite game out of them all I think. I really miss the days when we would just rip up anyone and everyone that came to challenge us. All of us old timers will remember those Like Hummer, whom God chose to take home, and all the fun times we had with them.

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Memories of DestructionTurbo SOS | 17 Oct : 14:45
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We started off as the team that put valor at the top of the list. No cheating, no raping, just skill. As I recall, we were the team to beat. Every other team came at us with their best, hoping for the best, but, as I remember never besting us. I wonder if the records from then are still around. I don't remember us losing in DF2. Sgt Bob, Shelt, Sunshine, OOPS, Hawk, Sixguns, Deadmeat, Diatum, X, Kilgorrrrr, THOG, Boz, Greentiger, were like my family. I know I'm forgettin many. We were always accused of cheating by whiny losers. We had great matches with many great teams. Did I say we always won . . . cuz we did. Either S&D or deathmatch, we kicked ass. In the S&D public games the other guys would beg us to slow the game down. "Make it last" they'd say. I'd always tell em defense makes it last stop whining! I remember many nights with cramped fingers from playing so much. My favorite memory was when Diatum asked me if I was interested in joining a squad. Second favorite memory was getting picked to play in matches. Third favorite was winning all the matches. Dam I like winning. Our snipers helped me get to targets. Our defenders were impenetrable (Hawk you've been penetrated, haven't you?). I remember Meat and Bob always pickin the opposite team tryin to stop me. How'd that work for you guys? Well I could go on a long time, but I think I've offended enuff of you.

Thanks for the memories men. Stay well, be connected.

Turbo SOS

Best of Memories.........Deadmeat *SOS* | 28 Nov : 17:20

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It all started for me when my brother in law (Ken1) told me about this delta force game called df2.. I have never looked back.. I was playing 13 hours a day when i started playing with Diatum. I played with Diatum at 8am in the morning, he comes back on at 10pm and Im still playing. I was hooked,... At that time I was a sniper and Diatum changed me over to a saw.. It's was amazing .. After 2 weeks Diatum asked me to join his new squad.. I remember Diatum, Sgt bob, Oops I, Sunny, Scuba, and Shelt and a few others. I remember us trying to use Novologic Voice over net. Boy it sucked.. After that we got hooked up with RW, man we all thought that was something.. Man, i remember that *SOS* was always having the best kill ratio in games. We ruled in every game we played in.. Everyone wanted to be *SOS*. But since the start we always were very particular on recruitment... Not only did you have to be a hell of a player to get into*SOS* but you had to be a good fit too. We were a family.... Except for Hawk He couldnt play. We felt sorry for him.. LOL J/K.. The rest is History.. Ten years later still have to say this was the best time I ever had gaming.. Nothing has ever been a close second.. Think most guys feel the same. It's funny during the DF2 playing days I had more communication rw,phone,im with my squad teammates then I did with my friends and alot of times my Wife... My wife hated the time i spent playing, almost got rid of my azz too.. Was crazy times.. Man those were the days. Those were the best of times......

Dead Meat*SOS*

~SOS~ HistorySgt.Bob*SoS* | 19 Feb : 13:43

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Just read through this thread again, nearly brought tears too my eyes, to reiterate what DM stated, the best damn days I ever spent online gaming, best group of clan members I ever played with and probably will never be repeated again....;-)

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