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*SOS*..... Shoot on Sight

*SOS* can trace it's origins back to the bad old days
of the original Delta Force.
The Squad has since developed and grown throughout Delta Force 2, Land Warrior,Delta Force Black Hawk Down, BF2, Combat Arms, MOH, COD, Bad Company 2, LFD2, BF Series, Etc.
*SoS* was formed by a band of like-minded warriors; who had wandered the Delta Force wilderness searching for their spiritual home, continually disillusioned by the constant bickering and in-fighting that often goes hand in hand with most squads, drawn together by the ideal of integrity, fair play, and the enjoyment of the battle, *SOS* was formed.
*SoS* zealously guards it's reputation and challenges those who would strive to dishonor that very ideal which bonds our squad together and holds it above all others on and off the battlefield.
"Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first and the lesson afterwards" *SOS* is the test and we will give the lesson..


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